Kid Friendly, Mains

Braised Minced Pork with Potato & Carrot

A homey dish made up of flavourful minced pork cooked with potato and carrots and a hidden sauce which brings it all together. Cook some rice to go with it and dinner is done! Jump to Recipe This dish can be made using pantry staples and is easy to prep for. Marinate the pork just […]


Indian Style Fish Curry

So growing up I loved my mum’s fish curry. But there were some spices she added I wasn’t crazy about. So in my kitchen I leave them out – and this is my go to recipe which works for us! Jump to Recipe This is the Indian style curry – which has a sourish taste […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Rice

Rice Cooker Drumstick Chicken Rice

This recipe was first published in March 2021 and updated in Nov 2022. I use chicken drumsticks for this recipe only because the resulting rice DOES taste oh so much yummier. The drumsticks are marinated then cooked together with the rice resulting in a chicken rice meal the young ones will definitely enjoy. Jump to […]

Kid Friendly, Mains

Easy Green Bean Egg Omelette

Sometimes you just need one extra dish to make the whole meal complete. Try this nutritious and super quick dish with easy pantry staples. This is a great dish to make when you’re short on time OR when you’re short on ingredients. It goes great with rice (and one other protein dish ideally). And it […]

Mains, Noodles

Braised Yee Mee

Somewhere in between fried and soupy is braised. The soft and chewy yee mee noodles soak up the flavourful sauce to result in a tasty meal loaded with prawns, fish cake and choy sum! Jump to Recipe These braised yee mee noodles are best eaten hot straight from the wok. The noodles are nicely coated […]