Kid Friendly, Mains, Pasta

‘No Cooking’ Tuna Pasta Bake!

I really really really love this recipe on days when I’m just not feeling the kitchen experience. Days when I want to whip something up, but just don’t want to spend too much time or energy over the stove or washing up (did I mention no chopping board even used for this recipe!). Jump to […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Pasta

5-Ingredient Pasta Bake

Bacon and black pepper are the heroes in this dish. Together with some cheese, a small onion and some cream, this pasta bake comes together quickly and is oh so flavourful! Jump to Recipe I would describe this as a dry pasta bake. There is no heavy sauce coating the pasta inside the bake, but […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Pasta

Creamy Pasta Carbonara

A creamy pasta dish which comes together very quickly when you just want to whip up something fast. If you have the right ingredients, I highly recommend you try this. It helps if you have a love for all things bacon too! Jump to Recipe My kids as with most kids love pasta. So my […]

Mains, Pasta

Pesto as a Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauces are essential especially when you have young kids.  Tho this sauce is so very green, kids will enjoy it cause it’s paired with pasta! Jump to Recipe I love making pasta sauces I can FREEZE. It really comes in so handy especially on days I can’t be bothered to cook – I just […]