Creamy Pasta Carbonara

A creamy pasta dish which comes together very quickly when you just want to whip up something fast. If you have the right ingredients, I highly recommend you try this. It helps if you have a love for all things bacon too!

My kids as with most kids love pasta. So my go to pasta dishes for them are :

Out of the three, I have to say as an adult – I enjoy this carbonara the best. I like to eat it warm, I think it makes a difference so I toss it all together or reheat it just before we eat.

It’s a simple recipe I perfected when it was just hubby and I living in our previous condo with our sanity intact (read: before kids arrived). I would be so excited to whip this up for us and have had some friends try this recipe and found it very straightforward.

I use linguine or fettucine pasta when I make carbonara. While the pasta is cooking, I usually prepare the sauce by mixing the eggs, cream, parmesan and salt in a bowl.

As this sauce only calls for a small amount of parmesan, here is another recipe you could use the cheese for. Once the pasta is cooked, we place it in a pan, add the creamy sauce  and toss over LOW heat. Add in bacon (very important one!) a good sprinkling of black pepper and done.

The greens you see are baby spinach which I earlier just wilted down in a pan with some olive oil. You can add green peas instead or just leave out.

As for the bacon, I use the oven to do all the work as I dislike frying it over the stove and getting oil splattered everywhere. So I just pat dry them, put them on an oven sheet (lined with foil) pop into oven at 200C for 10mins. You don’t need to pre-heat the oven. You can do this while the pasta is cooking. 

You may also sub bacon with chicken ham or turkey ham if you don’t eat pork.

Young kids love pasta and they will love this creamy carbonara syle pasta. We adults love bacon – so it’s a win win all around!

Creamy Pasta Carbonara

Creamy carbonara pasta filled with bacon and prepared using a quick luscious carbonara sauce.


  • 280 g Linguine or Fettucine Pasta cooked al dente according to packet instructions
  • 200 g bacon Pan fried or baked in oven at 200C for 10 mins (no need to pre-heat oven but be sure bacon is dry and not cold)

Mix in bowl:

  • 30 g shredded parmesan cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 ml whipping cream I use the Emborg brand
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • As pasta is cooking, chuck bacon pieces in oven and mix sauce in bowl.
  • Get a large pan put on LOW heat and place cooked pasta inside and add sauce.
  • Toss, add chopped up bacon and a good sprinkling of black pepper.
  • Taste to see if salt and pepper is enough. DONE. Serve warm.


  • This is not a an authentic carbonara recipe. Some recipes call for no cream, others only use the yolks - but this is the recipe which works for us.
  • You can pan fry the bacon too before adding in pasta (all in same pan) and cream.
  • Be patient when tossing the pasta, as you need to toss over low heat - else the eggs will cook. Toss till pasta is nicely coated in the sauce.
  • You can sub bacon for ham. Makes it easier - just cube the ham and toss in when mixing pasta and sauce together.
  • You can leave out the greens or use green peas or baby spinach (like I did).
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2 years ago

the cream & bacon makes this carbonara a total indulgence.

2 years ago

Love Hema’s pastas!

Sharon Chelvi
2 years ago

Yums, thanks for simplifying it so well! Definitely want to try this one out! ❤

2 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Chelvi

Great! Hope you do..