Curries, Mains, Rice

Chicken Varuval

Chicken varuval – the dry version of a chicken curry. Bite sized pieces coated in a deep masala flavour best enjoyed with rice or roti. It is a huge favourite here! Jump to Recipe One of my favourites is this chicken varuval dish. We usually buy some back from a stall near our home and […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Rice

10-minute Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki glazed salmon in a matter of minutes! Pair it with some white rice or even noodles and you have a meal all ready to go. Jump to Recipe I love my little helpers in the kitchen (no am not talking about my kids – they don’t necessarily make life easier in the kitchen!) – […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Rice

Fried Rice with Prawns and Lap Cheong

Jump to Recipe So we all know that you can pretty much throw anything into fried rice right. But this is kinda a special fried rice. I plan this when I have lap cheong (bought for making this) and when I have prawns. It’s really a special marriage – prawns and lap cheong. Let’s talk […]

Kid Friendly, Mains, Rice

Rice Cooker Drumstick Chicken Rice

I use chicken drumsticks for this recipe only because the resulting rice DOES taste oh so much yummier. The drumsticks are marinated then cooked together with the rice resulting in a chicken rice meal the young ones will definitely enjoy. Jump to Recipe We start by marinating the drumsticks. You will also need to mince […]