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How to Roast Chicken

I love roasting a whole chicken because it not only feeds us for one meal but leftovers go great in sandwiches or wraps the next day. Here is my recipe and top tips for getting a yummylicious roast! Also there is no ‘sauce’ or ‘jus’ that we pair with this roast because we find it […]

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Oven Baked Chicken Wings

Tender succulent oven baked chicken wings marinated in tasty honey + oyster sauce flavours. So easy to prep for – just follow this recipe! Jump to Recipe I relied on this recipe alot in my early days of cooking. I used to make it almost everytime we had a potluck or barbecue – because it […]

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Easy Chicken Soup

A quick nourshing soup I whip up ESPECIALLY but not neccesarily when we’re feeling under the weather. I like the simmering part which results in tender fall-off-the-bone chicken pieces. It’s great for kids to have with rice or toast when they are unwell or just wonderful to have on a cool rainy night. Jump to […]

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Chicken Curry

My version of the delectable chicken curry – made with some effort and eaten with pure joy with a plate of hot white rice or flaky crispy roti! Jump to Recipe There are MANY chicken curry recipes out there. Growing up I LOVED my mum’s chicken curry. So I have tried to somewhat recreate her […]


Mutton Curry

Sometimes, we crave stuff …like mutton curry! Oh how I’ve had mutton on my mind many times this year. This is my go to recipe. I hope it works for you too! Jump to Recipe I have a stove top pressure cooker. In this recipe, I use it to pre-cook and tenderize the mutton. I […]