Air Fried Firm Tofu

Just a quick 5 mins fry in a heated air fryer and you will have crispy firm tofu on the outside with a soft texture on the inside. No oil, no need to put in oven, no frying over a stove, all so very convenient.

I buy these blocks of tofu from the supermarket they usually cost about RM2+. Drain the water off and cube the tofu. Essential to dry them.

What’s with the pic? Anyways, firm tofu is on my rotation grocery list. I pair it with noodles, or use it as part of a veggie dish. You can add it almost anywhere – it’s very nutrious. 

My kids unfortunately are not huge fans of the texture of tofu – so instead of the steamed tofu this is what I make them eat.

I usually don’t add any seasoning BUT you may. It’s so convenient to use the air fryer mainly because I don’t need to add any oil. Best to pre-heat the air fryer to get a nice crispy exterior.

Here I’ve paired it with some stir fried broccoli – but I’ve also used it as a side when I need my instant noodle fix and also you could add it in with almost anything else say fried rice or any stir fried veggies.

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How to fry firm tofu in the Air Fryer

Air fried tofu squares using the air fryer. Great as an add on to salads, noodles or pair it with bean sprouts or broccoli for a veggie dish! Awesome source of protein.


  • Air Fryer


  • 2 firm tofu blocks Cubed and pat dry


  • Pre-heat the air fryer at 180C for 5 mins.
  • After cubing the tofu, pat dry with kitchen paper or tea towel.
  • Place in air fryer and set timer for 5 mins. Shake in between. DONE.
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1 year ago

Wow the results look good! Great that no oil is needed, yet the tofu looks crisp and golden.

1 year ago

Ooh…I have never tried air frying tofu. Can’t wait to try this!

Sharon Chelvi
1 year ago

Wow, great idea to airfry! Healthier plus no oily floors to clean up… gonna try this as an add on for my next veggie stirfry! Thanks, dear! 😘