Refreshing Orange Flavoured Jelly

Confession time. I am not a huge fan of jelly except for THIS jelly. I chanced upon this recipe in 2021, made it as dessert for a Chinese New Year dinner I hosted and it was a HUGE hit.

As Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) was approaching last year, I wanted to make an easy dessert for some family to enjoy as I hosted dinner. Enter Sonia’s Orange Agar Agar Jelly recipe from her blog.

I had never made jelly before (yes it’s very easy I assumed) but like most things I tend to rely on a recipe. This one was a clear winner. I had a cute cake tin which I used as a mould The secret to getting it so refreshing is using mainly fresh orange juice.

You can also cheat and add in store bought orange juice if you can’t get enough fresh orange juice. I didn’t have enough after juicing all the oranges I had so I mixed in some Sunkist Orange Juice and it was yums!

You just need the orange juice, some sugar ( I used caster sugar) and jelly or agar-agar powder.Buy agar-agar powder without any colouring or flavouring. I bought the Jim Willie Bites brand.

I then mix in all 3 ingredients in a small saucepan on medium heat and stir till everything is dissolved. Once done, switch off heat and allow to cool for a bit.

Get out your jelly moulds. I used this tin I had bought many years ago and hardly used. NOW it will come in handy thanks to this jelly recipe.

Pop into fridge and allow to set. It takes about an hour. Keep chilled until serving time. 

It really is sooooo refreshing – eaten chilled. A great dessert to whip up if you’re hosting any dinner. Can be made ahead and kept in fridge (saving you time on that day).

This is a new Chinese New Year favourite of mine, in addition to these delightful peanut cookies.

Hope you try it:)

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Orange Flavoured Jelly


  • 400 ml Fresh Orange Juice Try and use fresh OJ - otherwise mix in store bought juice
  • 2 tsp Jelly or Agar Agar powder available in most supermarkets
  • 50 g Sugar I used caster sugar. You may also use rock sugar.


  • Juice several oranges to get 400ml pure orange juice. If not enough, mix in store bought juice of your choice.
  • Add all ingerdients together in small saucepan on medium heat and stir till all dissolved and comes to a slight boil. Switch off heat and allow to cool.
  • Give mixture a stir once cooled. Pour into moulds and allow to set in fridge for an hour or more. Done!


Top Tips:
  • Do try and use mainly fresh orange juice.
  • Use small moulds - easy for guests to eat and kids too.
  • Get jelly/agar - agar powder without any colouring or flavouring.
Good luck!
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