Easy Chicken Soup

A quick nourshing soup I whip up ESPECIALLY but not neccesarily when we’re feeling under the weather. I like the simmering part which results in tender fall-off-the-bone chicken pieces. It’s great for kids to have with rice or toast when they are unwell or just wonderful to have on a cool rainy night.

Shout out to my sister for gifting me this lovely bowl!

This is my go to chicken soup recipe. Nothing fancy to be honest just simple ingredients which result in a nice hot bowl of chicken soup. I use bite sized pieces of chicken thigh. You could use other parts too of course. 

Other ingredients inculde carrots, potatoes, sliced yellow onion and half a stock cube. Some coriander for garnish (can be omitted).

I usually use about 800g-1kg of chicken thigh. 1 potato (not pictured), 1 carrot and 1/2 a big onion. I like to wash and cut away the skin (fat) of the chicken if there is. I also lightly salt the chicken pieces first.

I use a medium sized pot. I usually don’t use this pot to cook (thanks to my 16 year-old wok and Tefal non stick saucepans) but it’s SO ideal to make my soup. I pour in some oil and in go the sliced yellow onions. I make sure I cook them till nice and soft.

I then add in the chicken pieces and leave them to brown on the outside first (before I toss toss). I prefer to cook them on the outside first before adding the water.

After a while I toss the pieces around and make sure the outside is browned then add water to cover the chicken. I don’t measure the water, but just pour till chicken is covered.

Once water is boiling, I lower the flame to a SIMMER. I don’t cover the pot, but just let it cook for 30-40mins.  I completely just leave it and let the pieces slowly cook to a tender bite. I then add in the carrots and potatoes. Increase flame to get it boiling again and then lower to simmer for remaining 15mins. Sometimes I skim off any ‘froth’ on top of the soup while it is cooking.

I add half a piece of stock cube crumbled and give it a mix ( you can add salt if preferred). Switch off flame, stir and garnish right before serving. It’s really yums with rice as a side or main meal. Hope you try it out!

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Easy Chicken Soup

Tender fall-off-the-bone bite sized chicken pieces in a nourishing soup accompanied with potatoes and carrots. Perfect with rice or toast especially when feeling under the weather.


  • 800g-1 kg chicken thighs cut bite sized Washed, trim off skin/fat and lightly salt the pieces
  • 1 medium yellow onion sliced thinly
  • 1 carrot cut into chunks
  • 1 potato cut into chunks
  • 1/2 piece chicken stock cube can sub with salt if preferred


  • Add in some oil in a medium/large pot. In go the sliced onions. Cook for a few minutes till onions are nice and soft.
  • Add in chicken pieces. Don't toss yet. Allow to brown off then toss around till outside is cooked. Pour water into pot till chicken pieces are covered.
  • Once boiling, turn flame down to a simmer. Allow to simmer for 40mins uncovered.
  • Add in potatoes and carrots. Increase flame till boiling again, then turn down and simmer for 15 mins. Crumble in stock cube and give it a mix. Garnish right before serving. Ladle into bowls.


Top Tips:
  • I find chicken thighs highly flavourful for these kinds of recipes.
  • Remove any skin/fat from chicken pieces and lightly salt before placing into pot to cook. Brown them on the outside first before adding water.
  • You may use salt in place of stock cube.
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1 year ago

I loved how easy and simple this recipe was. Thanks for a great meal.

1 year ago

You can never go wrong with a soup recipe and chicken soup is perfect for combating spring allergies! This looks delicious!

1 year ago

Yes….so easy as it says!