Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies Using Peanut Butter

I made these last year for CNY and instantly fell in love. Typically made with ground peanuts, I use peanut butter as a sub because it’s so much easier and hey it works!

Peanut Cookies Fast Facts:

They typically have cracks on them once baked. The texture we are looking for is a melt-in-your-mouth peanuty goodness texture.

There are ONLY 5 ingredients needed – no mixer required. Pull out your all purpose flour, icing sugar (important for that melt-in-your-mouth texture mentioned), good quality peanut butter ( I use Skippy smooth PB), salt and peanut or vegetable oil – and you’re good to go.

Peanut oil would be best so as to enhance the peanut flavour in the cookie. However I’ve made these using my regular cooking oil which is Canola + Sunflower oil (it’s a blend).

Begin by sifting in a mixing bowl, the flour, icing sugar and salt. Give a mix using a spatula.

We will then add in the peanut butter first followed by the oil. You may need more oil or less depending on the type of oil used by yourself. Keep adding a little by little until the dough comes together not too wet and can easily be handled. If too crumbly still, add in more oil.

I usually use my hand to mix in the peanut butter ( I just find it easier compared to the spatula) and also when incorporating the oil. Tip: Squish the mixture together as you add in the oil and it will come together after a while.

I then pinch off a small bit and roll into a ball (about 10-12g per piece depending on how small or big you would like). I find 10g to be just nice for us. Although knowing me my cookies are never uniform in size!

I then use the end of a chopstick and make an indent on top of the cookies. I like the look of this and it reminds me of the authentic peanut cookies sold.

Did I say 5 ingredients? Maybe 6 if you count the egg yolk needed for the egg wash. Prepare egg wash by mixing 1 egg yolk and 15 ml water. I usually just brush the top and try not to let the egg wash come to the bottom else the bottom might burn.

Baking time will really depend on your type of oven. I bake mine for 20mins at 160C. Some ovens require a 180C temp. Do try and see which temp suits your oven best.

There you have it a clever hack to these peanut cookies if you’re craving them and really they taste great. Ask my kids!

Also just to share – I’ve tried this recipe with baking powder too. I found there was an aftertaste I didn’t like. So my recipe does not call for baking powder and that’s how we like it:)

Did you try this recipe?

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Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies Using Peanut Butter

Typically these cookeis call for ground peanuts - but I use peanut butter to amazing results!


  • 180g Plain Flour
  • 80g Icing Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 100g Peanut Butter I used Skippy Smooth Peanut Butter
  • 75 ml peanut or vegetable oil I used Canola & Sunflower Cooking Oil - this is my regular cooking oil

Egg Wash - combine both

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 15 ml water


  • Sift flour, icing sugar and salt in a mixing bowl. Mix with a spatula.
  • Add in peanut butter and with your hand just combine it into the flour mix.
  • Add in oil, bit by bit until dough becomes not too sticky or wet but can easily be handled and shaped into a ball. If still crumbly add in a little bit more oil and work from there.
  • When using your hand to mix in oil, squish everything (the flour/peanut butter mix + oil) together - I find that helps to allow everything to stick and come together nicely.
  • Pinch off some dough and shape into ball (between 10-12g). Use the end of a chopstick and create an indent at the top (not hole - we don't want a donut). Place on a lined baking tray.
  • Brush egg wash on top of each cookie. Put into oven for 20 mins at 160C. Allow to cool.


  • Use good quality peanut butter.
  • The amout of oil required might depend on what type of oil you use. For me 75ml, was just right.
  • When using chopstick just press down on top slightly - don't poke all the way thru.
  • Use the right temperature and cooking time for your oven. For me, 160C is best for 20 minutes.
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1 year ago

Wow these look delicious! Will make these cookies for my BFF! She loves peanut butter!

Thanks for the tips! my oven bakes better at 170 degrees, they all differ.