Cheese Quesadillas with Your Favourite Filling

Yummy toasty quesadillas, are perfect for when you’re not in the mood to cook too much. Simple and best of all goes down well with the kiddos!

“The Chillis one better” – said the 5 year old. 

How dare this child diss my quesadillas as such? I mean I’ve tried the quesadillas there and does she even know what she is saying to me!

Once I calmed down and realised then and there my daughter is from now on going to be my biggest food critic, I realised I didn’t quite get the quesadillas right after all.

So after a few attempts I’ve got the hang of it. There are no hard and fast rules here. Choose whatever filling your kids or you will enjoy. Leave out the greens by all means.

For us, I’ve used baby spinach and diced ham. I heat up some oil in a pan and add in the spinach. Cook till wilted, add in ham and give it a fry.

Put pan on stove, switch on and add in wrap. No need to wait till pan is heated. Tear up the slice of cheese and place on one side.

Add in filling.

Good melting cheese would have started to melt by now. So flip over one side of wrap and brush some melted butter.

Flip to other side. Press down a bit. Let both sides get nicely browned. And done. Cut into wedges.

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Cheese Quesadillas With Your Fav Filling

Yummy quesadillas can be whipped up easily when you're not in the mood to put in too much effort in cooking.
Put in any sort of filling you want. I used baby spinach and ham. You could use mushrooms, chicken or turkey ham, leftover chicken, bacon and more.


  • Non stick pan


  • 4 Mission brand Wraps
  • 100g ham
  • Handful baby spinach
  • 4 slices cheese I use Food for Friends Monterey Jack (sliced) cheese which you can get from Village/Jaya Grocer.Not cheap. Can sub with Mozarella.
  • Melted butter


  • Put pan on stove and switch on. Place 1 wrap on pan. Tear up the cheese and place on one side.
  • Put filling on cheese. Don't put too much.
  • Fold over wrap. Press down a bit. Brush melted butter.
  • Flip over and brush butter on other side. Flip couple of sides more till nicely browned. DONE.
  • Cut into wedges and call the kids to table to eat.


Before starting, I just add some oil in a small pan and cook the spinach till wilted and throw in the diced ham too. The filling is ready.
You can serve additional sides like microwaved corn or these air fried fries.
I use the Mission brand wrap which I also use for my pizzas.
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